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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Plus Size Haulage: Asos Curve

Hey dolls,
Here is another plus size fashion haul. I have posted my video below if you would like to see the live version of this haul. Also below, I will be giving you a detailed review of my experience with Asos Curve and you can also see the items I have picked up from their site.
I have been shopping with Asos Curve for several months now and I haven't had any issues with any of my purchases or pieces of clothing. I can't really comment on their customer service experience because I haven't needed to contact them.
The pieces I have picked up through out my purchase adventure have been good quality pieces made of good quality materials. I love how the clothing fits me. I have to give Asos Curves kudos, they really had the plus size woman in mind. When I tried their clothing on it felt like each piece was taylored specifially for me.
I did notice that the sizing of their clothing does run two sizes too big. So if you are ordering from their website I would definately order a size or two down.

Asos Curve does have pricey clothing like the leather jacket above which will run you $175 but with coupon codes and sales they have often you can catch a great deal on these expensive pieces. I usually tend to stay with close to their clearance section because they will have a % off their clearance items and will double up and give you an additional discount when they have their clearance sales.

I always purchase my items on their website: and just click on their Curve section. Matter a fact, I don't think they even have a standing store where you can walk into and purchase items. Their shipping will take some time. From the day I purchase an item to the day I get it is about 10 business days. I'm not a fan of how long it takes to receive my package, but I do like the fact that Asos keeps me updated on where my shipment is.

I love how edgy Asos' fashion is. If you are looking for a rocker look like the outfit below this website is for you. You can also find some staple peieces that aren't as trendy that you'll be able to pull out of your closet and reuse years from now like trench coats, chinos and blazers. Their style is very versatile and wether you're on the preppy or rocker side you'll be able to find something to add to your wardrobe.

What really drew me in was their different patterns and textures they have in their clothing. I remember the first time I went to their website and saw this button down top with little terrier dogs that I absolutly in love with and wasn't able to pick it up since they ran out of my size :(

I really recommend trying this website if you are looking to add some edge to your outfits. Remember to sign up for their emails. I always recommend doing this with all brands you are into because you will always get up to date news on their new releases and sales. You may also receive coupon codes as well!!

Take care sweeties

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