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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder

Hey Dolls,
I wanted to do a review of two new Revlon products I came across at my local CVS drugstore. The two products I picked up were the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Face Powder.
Revlon's statement is that these products will "blend seamlessly with lightweight feel, evening skin tone and provide a shine-free natural coverage so people notice your skin, not your makeup."
I paid $9.99 for the foundation and also the face powder.  I liked the fact that the display for these products had a color wheel which made it easy to select my color and above the foundations were the corresponding face powders, so that saved me some time :)
There's pros and cons to the foundation packaging. I like the fact that it does have a glass bottle, to me it makes it look more high end and sleek. The con of having a glass bottle is that if you drop it, you can pretty much say bye-bye to your foundation. I DO NOT like the fact that the foundation bottle doesn't come with a pump. To apply the product to your skin you will have to pour some onto a makeup palette or onto the top of your hand (like I do) so you can apply the product with a brush. The cap to the foundation is also difficult to twist off. The packaging to the powder is quite nice. I like the fact that there is a window to the product so you can see the color of the powder. The compact has a pretty decent size mirror so if you are traveling with it, you don't have to worry about a mirror. The little powder puff is a nice size for touch ups like the nose, forehead and cheek areas.

I really like the finish these two products give my skin. I currently have dry/combination skin since it is winter time and the foundation gives my skin a very nice dewy finish without looking oily. If you are a person with skin that is already on the oily side I wouldn't recommend this product. I did notice throughout the day my T-zone did get a little oily and the oily did break through the foundation and powder. If you are a person that doesn't like dewy finishes to your foundation I wouldn't recommend this product for your either. I know this might sound weird but as the day went on I felt like my skin looked better than it did in the morning. I just had a nice fresh dewy look to my skin and I loved it!

The powder was another win! I have tried quite a few drugstore face powders and they always felt powdery and chalky, I can't say that with this face powder. The powder has a nice silky feeling to it. When the powder is applied to the face is has a nice creamy feeling to the skin. If you are a person that doesn't have a lot of problem areas on the skin you can get away with using this product as a powder foundation. The pigmentaion to this product is quite good. I would say a light to medium coverage just like the foundation.
Overall, I loved the way these two products made my skin feel. It felt like my skin but better. I received compliments thorughout the day and no one even knew I had any foundation or powder on my skin. These products did not feel heavy on my skin and I felt like my skin could breathe. The next time you're at your local drugstore definately take a look at these products :)
Take care dolls,

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