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Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Whisper by Color Sensational Lip Colors

Hey dolls,
I have been trying these lippies out for a while now and I thought I would do a quick review for you. If you don't already know, these are the Mayeblline Color Whisper by Color Sesnsational lip colors. Maybelline states this product is a pure color pigment suspended in a weightless gel and does not have any heavy oils or waxes.

I would consider this product to be more of a lip butter than a lipstick. I say this because of the high moisture content and the shine that this product gives, but is pigmented like a lipstick. The Whisper colors have a wide range of 20 colors, so if you are looking for a more neutral color you can go with "Go Nude", or if you're looking for something more vibrant you can go with "Cherry On Top." 

You can find these little gems at your local drugstore or even supermarkets like Walmart, Target ect. Prices will vary depending on where you purchase them, but will cost you anywhere between $5.50-$6.99. If you're lucky enough you can catch a deal at Walgreens or CVS and get them on a BOGO offer.

I love how the color just glides on with ease, it's super smooth and creamy. Usually I have to apply a lip moisturizer prior to applying lip color but I don't need to with these. The Whisper color keeps my lips moisturized all day and definitely doesn't dry my lips out whats-so-ever. If you are looking for a lip color that's effortless, can apply on the go, I would definitely recommend this product.

Cons??? The staying power of this product isn't the best. Since it's a slippery consistency this product will transfer. This really isn't too much of an issue with me, I can just reapply throughout the day. I can also see this product melting easily because of the buttery consistency, so I wouldn't leave it in the car on a warm day otherwise you may come back to a mess. 

Overall, I would really recommend these little gems. I love the color variety, the price is right, the  pigmentation is very good and they are moisturizing to the lips. 

Take care sweeties


  1. Loving the variety of colors. Are they similar to the Revlon Lip Butters? I don't think I've ever tried any Maybelline lip products...hmmm. I need to try these lippies! =)

    1. These lip products are a little bit more creamy than the revlon lip butters. To me, these are a lot more moisturizing than the Revlon lip butters.