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Monday, April 4, 2011

Magnolia Makeup

Hey beauties, I was just browsing Facebook looking at different cosmetic lines and came across Magnolia Makeup. I decided to purchase one of their Kaleidoscope wheels, which at the time was basically a set of 12 colors. Now they have changed the quantity to 7 and raised their prices again. When I looked at all the photos of eyeshadow looks on their Facebook page I was instantly excited and couldn't wait to try their pigments. I was also pleased to find out that they had their own webpage where you'd be able to purchase these pigments. When I received the pigments in the mail I was very disappointed, a few of the jars had exploded, they were sample 3 gram jars and they colors weren't as vibrant as the colors on their webpage and facebook page. Here is a link to their facebook page: Here is a link to their company website: Here are swatches of the pigments & below I will give the pros and cons of the product....


-customer service is friendly and accomodating

-some of the pigments are pigments like: Kente, Sphinx, and Envy

-they have a variety of colors to choose from

-secute checkout with Paypal


-a lot of the colors I purchased aren't that pigmented, the swatches were really packed on

-the consistency of the shadows are chalky and hard to work with

-the pigments do not stick well to bases

-they are expensive for 12 3 gr jars it was originally $70 but they were on sale for $50

-the colors aren't as bright and vivid like the photos on their website and facebook page

-the pigments weren't packaged well which resulted in several of the pigments exploding in transit.

Overall thought: I wouldn't recommend these pigments. There are several other cosmetic companies out there that offer similar colors that are cheaper, are more pigmented and have more in the jar.

take care loves,



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  1. Aw, I was really hoping the reviews on this would be better. I have been wanting to try them out. I know these are just your opinions but I trust you. Thanks for an honest review! Sorry you were disappointed.